Starpur, 20 years of leadership

About Us

Starpur, with its Starwood brand, has focused, right from the start on the design and production of doors and windows of high technical and esthetic quality.The mission: to offer an innovative idea for doors and windows that merges technology and design in a customer service context.It comes as no surprise that Starpur has been a leader in the aluminum/wood sector for around twenty years!

Innovation, quality and service

Joineries play a very important role: in fact, they regulate a building’s internal climate, allow or prevent access, and insulate it from heat, cold, air, water and dust. And, naturally, in order to take these many aspects into account, the designer’s experience and creativity must be combined with the care and discipline of the production and installation workers. In order to maintain a high quality standard in all of the processes, from conception to installation of the fixture itself, Starpur has also set up S-LAB, a permanent laboratory made up of personnel who update and develop their skills on a daily basis in order to provide ad hoc training courses (EC certifications, installation, sales techniques, etc.).

The right choice for both you and the environment

Updating a house’s joineries is very advantageous: due to the increased level of thermal insulation in Starwood aluminum/wood doors and windows, you can save for years to come on energy consumption used to keep your house comfortable all year round.By reducing CO2 emissions, we are protecting our planet at the same time.The energy efficiency of buildings is now the most advanced frontier in architectural technological innovation and Starwood fixtures are in step with the highest international market standards.Choosing Starwood door and window is worth it. Always.

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